Colombia: EoC: diversify to generate development

A priest’s act of fellowship transformed a failing coffee plantation into a real business named Acedeco Padevi. It is community led and inspired by the principles of the Economy of Communion. Choosing the diversify the production process lead to greater sharing, new jobs and the development of the business, while respecting the environment.

East Africa: Sports4Peace

Over 1,000 children and teenagers took part in the “Sports4Peace” event held in Kenya, South Sudan and Burundi at the end of August. Sport can become a means to build peace and help overcome social barriers.

Mexico: share, rebuild, start again

After the terrible earthquake in Mexico in 2017, a group of young people from the little town called “El Diamante” [the diamond] went to Contla, a town that had been almost completely destroyed, to help rebuild. The initial shock meant there was much work to do, but above all they shared the pain of the townsfolk and built relationships that were … indestructible.

USA – Gary, IN: Let’s color our city

The town of Gary in Indiana is one of the poorest in the USA. 100 teenagers from six States went there to help organise activities with the homeless, to serve at a soup kitchen/canteen and work on urban renewal. For many of them it was an unforgettable experience, which opened their eyes not only to the needs but also the beauty of the town, which is, before all else, a community.

Angola: The “Pequena Chama” school

It all started from a canteen offering meals for children, then literacy courses were added which gave work to a number of young teachers in the area. Supported by the New Families Association the “Pequena Chama” (Little Flame) School clearly shows that help given my many people generates development together with human and social solidarity.

Brazil: The “breadmaking girls”

In 1998 the ‘breadmaking girls”, a group of young people of the Focolare, suddenly became bakers and sold bread on the road outside the Ginetta Mariapolis in Brazil. Thirty years later, the Golden Grain is a successful activity making good quality produce with love, human kindness and the will to share.

Erik’s eatery

Palawan is considered as one of the most beautiful islands of the world. There are not only tourism and unpolluted beaches in that place. We met Erik in his eatery, where, besides good food, the people working there makes a difference.

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