Mumbai (India): The “Zero Hunger” challenge

No more people in need, no more hunger, starting from our own neighbourhood. This is the challenge that the Teens for Unity in Mumbai have taken on and work for. They have collected used plastics and newspapers to recycle to support a centre for women in need and families hit by HIV. What started with a few children now involves over 200 families in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Protection of minors: transparency, prevention, training

In step with the Church, the Focolare Movement is working to give child protection the attention it deserves. We take stock of the situation with Olga Maria Rodriguez (jointly responsible for the Central Commission of the Focolare for the Promotion of the Wellbeing and Protection of Minors (CO.BE.TU in Italian)) and Orazio Moscatello (a lawyer and expert in the rights of Families and of Minors and a member of CO.BE.TU).

A community as big as the world

Luigi Butori is an Italian focolarino living in Ho Chi Minh City. After over 20 years in Asia, he has seen its great beauty but also dramatic situations and contrasts. We went with him to see his work supporting and enabling the poorest of the poor, first in Thailand (see the CH Conference call of September 2015) and now in Vietnam.

Holy Land: Stories of dialogue

Anna Maria, Jessica and Talat: a testimony of friendship between faithful of the three monotheistic religions. When the walls of mistrust and prejudice collapse, one experiences the possibility of looking to the future with courage and hope.

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