Summary April 2014


19 April 2014 – “Traces of light”
Pictures from Brazil:
Maria Voce (Emmaus) and Giancarlo Faletti with the communities of the Focolare
1.From Fontem:
Mafua Christine Asong(live)
Brief remembrance of Fon Lukas Njifua di Fontem
2.Report on Brazil (video)
From the North-East to the South of the Brazilian continent passing through the North where there is the immense Amazon. Wealth and contrasts. Fruits of the spirituality of unity. Stories of individuals and communities. The gift that Brazil can give to the world.
3. Live from Brazil: Klaus Brüschke of Cidade Nova
What kind of country did Emmaus and Giancarlo encounter? What message was drawn out from this trip?
4.Santa Terezinha Island– Recife (video)
Jonhson Pinto narrates the transformation of a huge slum, known as the “Island of Hell” because of its squalor and lack of hope. The life of the Gospel made the inhabitants rediscover their dignity of being children of God; transformation into commitment and works; a community of brothers and sisters.
5.“The ships are leaving…” (video)
In 1958 the first focolarini left from Genoa port heading towards Recife. Their story and their clear choice.
6.The Community of Abaetutuba – Amazon(video)
The Amazon Project began in 2005. Brazil’s National Conference of Bishops invites the ecclesial movements to support the Church in the Amazon. The Focolare Movement responds too. Trips, meetings and stories of youth, adults and families.
7.Live from Brazil: Maria Voce (Emmaus) and Giancarlo Faletti
The explanation of the title given to this trip: “Traces of light.” The inauguration in Recife of the Chiara Lubich chair in Humanism and Fraternity. The commitment to let thrive the life that emerges from the charism inherent in the Focolare Movement.
8.Igino Giordani and Tommaso Sorgi
• Igino Giordani, Foco: some ideas on his relationship with the foundress Chiara.
• Alberto Lo Presti, director of the Igino Giordani Centre presents the book:
Igino Giordani. Storia dell’uomo che divenne Foco (Igino Giordani: Story of the man who became Foco) by Tommaso
Sorgi, published by Città Nuova
• The testimony of Tommaso Sorgi, author of the book, a member of Parliament, and former director of the Igino Giordani Centre.
9.Congo: Amani Festival for Peace (video)
The Youth for a United World of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and neighbouring countries do not give up, 20 years after the genocide in Rwanda. In Goma, eastern Congo, they hold a festival to express their commitment for peace today. 25,000 people of the Great Lakes region respond.
The commitment of the youth in Egypt, Algeria and the Philippines on the eve of the 2014 World Unity Week which starts from Nairobi on May 1st.