Summary June 2014


14 June 2014

  • Opening
    Greetings from Amman, Bethlehem and Jerusalem, interview with Margaret Karram.
  • Sharing with Africa
    Ubuntu”: I am because we are. A way life is understood in Sub-Saharan Africa. The youth of the Focolare Movement took this as their starting point for the 2014 World Unity Week, which was launched this year in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Bridging Cultures
    In Portugal, one of the many initiatives of United World Week 2014.
  • Coffee shops without slot machines
    A national campaign in Italy against legalized gambling.
  • Economy of Communion in Brazil
    A style of “sharing” that spells success. A rapid look to see how the EoC is developing in its land of origin.
  • The Company Cube”
    An entrepreneur from the USA comes up with the idea of “The Company Cube”. A fun and practical way of remembering the values that create a positive work environment.


  • Outside the Box”
    The Box: that’s the name of the commercial building in Augsburg, Germany, home to a group of businesses of the Economy of Communion. Three companies with an innovative way of relating to one another.
  • Young religious meet together at Loppiano

A unique and enriching meeting of a hundred young people from 56 different religious families.

  • The encounter with Jesus Forsaken

January 24th, 1944 marks the first time that Jesus Fosaken entered into the story of the Focolare Movement. A founding moment as recounted by its 3 protagonists: Chiara Lubich, Doriana Zamboni and Fr. Casimiro Bonetti, who recently passed away.

  • 1957: A letter from Fr. Pasquale Foresi
    In the difficult years leading up to the approval of the Focolare Movement by the Catholic Church, this little-known letter demonstrates a faith that overcomes all obstacles.
  • The youth of the Focolare and the Assembly 2014
    Their contribution to the preparation of the General Assembly of the Movement this coming September at Castel Gandolfo, Italy.
  • Teens for Unity
    Argentina: The Teens for Unity are gearing up for the “Citizens of the World” youth camp this July.
  • In dialogue with Giancarlo Faletti
  • Briefly:

–        Philippines: A follow up to the projects launched after Hurricane Haiyan last November (New Families and Action for a United World – AMU).

–        USA: Our Journey Towards the Excellence of the Human Family – an interreligious evening.

–        Cameroon: The Bangwa people has a new king.

  • Local communities: where mutual love is visible
    The first international meeting of representatives of the local communities of the Focolare Movement.
  • In dialogue with Maria Voce (Emmaus)
  • Chiara Lubich: When suffering knocks
    The founder of the Focolare confides her experience to the British journalist Sandra Hoggett during an interview for Charisma Productions – 2002.