Summary October 2014


25 October 2014


  • Start
    Live from Loppiano: 50 years after the foundation of the little town.
  • Focus on the family
    From October 5th-18th, the Catholic Church held an Extraordinary Synod on the family. The purpose indicated by Pope Francis was that of “listening to the situation of our day”. Some experiences of families in which the news that “God loves you immensely” helped heal wounds and open up to others.
  • A new logo for the Focolare Movement
    The launch of the new logo, the symbol of a Movement which, like Mary, wants to “welcome” everyone.
  • Gen 4: let’s take love home!
    This is a musical which starts from the Big Bang and goes on to the Resurrection. There are creative activities, games and songs, a journey in a car which moves on… gestures of love: it’s about the two annual congresses of the gen 4, the children of the Focolare Movement.
  • “World Person” workshop
    530 boys and girls from 23 countries spent a week at the Mariapolis O’Higgins in Argentina. Another week was dedicated to social action projects in 18 areas in Central and South America. “We are all changed” said the participants. The same could be said of thousands of other “Youth for Unity” in different parts of the world who spent part of their holidays time for their formation and in helping those in need around them.
  • Challenges and prospects of the Focolare after the Assembly
    Pictures, faces and voices from the General Assembly of the Focolare Movement, held from September 1st – 28th, 2014.
  • Dialogue with Maria Voce (Emmaus) and Jesús Morán
  • The art called “dialogue”
    From an answer of Chiara Lubich during a meeting held at the Sports Palace in Florence, September 17th, 2000.