Summary September 2015

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SUMMARY of the CONFERENCE CALL 26 September 2015


In this Conference Call, we will go to Cuba with Pope Francis, we’ll climb a mountain (almost for real), we’ll cut wood in the Czech Republic, we’ll get to know who live in the huge refugee camps in Northern Thailand, in Austria we’ll welcome refugees from Syria, we will hear from those who live in Damascus if hope still exists, we’ll sign an appeal to make hope a reality… This and much more will take us to the message of Chiara Lubich that even after many years still talks of courageous prophecy.


Cuba, India, Italy, Mexico, USA


The great conquest

Tullio and Michele climbed the mountains of Primiero in the 1950s, not knowing that they were “climbing” history…

Mariapolis of Algeria, Wallis, Thailand

Not only cities on the mountain, but spaces of fraternity for many.


Summer Job!

A group of young people from the Czech Republic and their alternative holidays.


Three young people who take to heart an entire city.

It’s the how that makes the difference!

How Caitlin lives her illness, 14 years old, from the USA.

Reports from the World: Tragedies and Commitment for Unity and Peace

Hope in Damascus

Learning to live in Damascus today is to learn to die, but also to hope.

4000 in 24 hours

The immigrants who arrive in Sicily almost every day. A Pakistani and a Nigerian share their stories.

Joelma and a tile

From Texas for the Middle East: 12 artists and an art exhibition to tear down walls of indifference!

To lose everything and to dream again

A Syrian family shares how they are welcomed in Austria by the Syro-Orthodox Church together with the

Focolare community.

Let’s stop wars! Interview with Pasquale Ferrara, a diplomat

Multipolarity that is not multilateralism. No one is clandestine on this earth.

Dialogue with Maria Voce (Emmaus) and Jesús Morán

To die for one’s own people in Laos. A commitment that became a mandate

Interview with Msgr. Tito Banchong, Apostolic Administrator of Luang Prabang – Laos.

Chiara Lubich: Towards a new era. Mutual love among peoples.

From a talk at the Mariapolis 1959