About the Collegamento CH

WHAT IS THE “COLLEGAMENTO CH”? (also known as Conference Call or Linkup)

When: It all started in 1980. It was August 11th, the feast day of St Claire of Assisi, and thus Chiara Lubich’s name day. She was in Switzerland at the time, celebrating the occasion with a small group of people. There was a special  bond created with those present that day.

Who: In the days that followed, the group stayed in close touch through a series of conference calls that originated from Chiara’s house. The intent was to strengthen and nourish the bond that had formed and to live as one “focolare”though spread out in different Swiss cities.  The calls were an opportunity to share new discoveries in living the spirituality of unity and also the news of the focolare family in other parts of the world.

How: The group soon discovered that in Switzerland there was the possibility of setting up an international telephone conference call.  In the following weeks, the phone call was extended to other countries, until tens of other cities where Focolare communities were present were connected.

Why: With the rapid evolution of telecommunications, the telephone conference call grew to include video coverage and subsequently live streaming. Chiara Lubich always emphasized that since the Movement’s goal is unity, it is vital that this worldwide family share its joys, sufferings, hopes and plans, using the fastest and most suitable means. A family that must experience sustaining love and that we are all traveling life’s “holy journey”together.

For a united world: The Collegamento CH is a powerful yet joyful experience of“unity and universality”. It binds hundreds and thousands of people spread across all continents, oriented towards uniting all as one human family.

Chiara Lubich about Collegamento CH

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