Universal Brotherhood

On May 8, 2004 in Stuttgart, Germany, Chiara spoke to about 9000 people at the first “Together for Europe” event. It was an historic occasion, in which she offered the key to building peace in Europe, among such varied nations, and in the whole world: by building zones of universal fraternity.

Make yourself one

Taken from Chiara Lubich’s talk on “Unity” at the Focolare Festival held in Payerne, Switzerland, on 26th September 1982.

“I have married God”

Chiara tells the story of God’s call and how she gave herself to him. From Luigi Bizzarri’s interview for RaiTre’s programme ” My Twentieth Century” of 13th August 2003, courtesy of Rai Archives.

A solemn “pact”

From Chiara Lubich’s talk to the Nweh (Bangwa)-Mundani people, Azi (Fontem – Cameroon), 6th May 2000.

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