1. This is a fantastic development enabling us to extend that sense of world wide family in our local areas. Thanks a million to all those involved in making this possible. Irene (focolare belfast)

  2. Thank you for a wonderful collegamento! I truly feel that we are ALL ONE big family worldwide, no matter what distance keeping us apart! I would personally like to take this opportunity to THANK everyone involved in making this Collegamento possible! Together we are the voice of the world!! Thanks a million! Massive greetings from the Nordic! (Ebba Glasell- Gen2 from Sweden)

    • Thank-you very much for making this English Collegamento of October 2014 available on this focolare.org website. Thanks to Emmaus and to Jesus who arrives to me through the Focolare of the Philippines. May all of us be able to love Jesus, the man, with everyone. Vorrei ringraziare Emmaus e Jesus per tutto il loro amore che arriva a noi attraverso le cose che loro ci diccono. Si, Emmaus e Jesus, cerchiamo vivere tutto quello che arriva da noi da Chiara attraverso le pope, popi e volontari UNO


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